microgreensMicrogreens what are they and why the big deal?

Microgreens are the newly germinated seeds of various herbs and vegetables that are eaten at one of two stages.

  • First stage - cotyledons  are showing
  • Second stage where the cotyledons and the first true leaf has grown

Most microgreens are ready to harvest in 10 days, while others may take as long as 21 days.

So what’s the big deal?

Microgreens may be small and kinda cute but they are nutritional and taste powerhouses. Some uses are: edible garnishs, a new salad ingredient or in nutritional shakes.

Don’t think that they just taste “green”.  Depending on the variety, the taste can vary from citrus, to earthy, to a tongue tingling kick reminiscent of horseradish or wasabi.

According to a recently published USDA study, results showed that different microgreens provided extremely varying amounts of vitamins and nutrition.

In comparison with nutritional concentrations in mature leaves (USDA National Nutrient Database), the microgreen cotyledon leaves possessed higher nutritional densities.  Microgreens can have between 4-40% MORE nutrition than the mature plant.

We only sell live microgreens

Cut Microgreens have a relatively short shelf life: 5-8 days IF refrigerated properly and they aren’t shipped in. This tends to shorten the shelf life to only a couple of days. Our live microgreens last 7-10 days, which is why we only sell and deliver locally.


Nope, but we use organic practices. Our seeds are certified organic and non-GMO. Most of our microgreens are grown hydroponically, in  coco-coir with a small amount of worm casings and perlite to keep the medium nice and fluffy.

What do we grow?

Check out our order form. Again, because we only sell live microgreens and do not ship, we only sell and deliver locally.

What is “locally”?

We are located in Panhandle, TX which is in the heart of the Texas panhandle. Locally for us is within a 50-mile radius.