Microgreen CSA ~ How cool is that?

Have you heard about the nutritional power houses called microgreens?  You can find a limited variety of microgreens at health food stores and some specialty grocers.  Green Wolf Vertical Farm has been selling a wide variety of microgreens since the summer of 2016 starting at the Canyon Farmer’s Market and branching out to local restaurants […]

Now this is interesting – Red Cabbage Microgreens!

It seems that as microgreens become more popular and “mainstream” more research is happening.  Not only research into the nutritional values of these tiny powerhouses, but into the benefits of adding them to your diet. Such as in this article from Science Daily on the benefits of Red Cabbage microgreens.  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/12/161214115112.htm Adding them to salads, […]

Eat your Kale!

For those of you who feel like I do about kale ~  Its bitter and feels like I’m eating a brillo pad ~ I found a solution! Kale Microgreens!  These tiny little powerhouses are sweet with a  nutty taste.  They are packed with more vitamins and nutrients that the grown plant, and taste better! Vitamins […]

He’s home!

Home after 3 days in the hospital. Who would have thought a 5 year old dog would act like a puppy and eat things he shouldn’t?? After MAJOR surgery, he’s back to is happy, energetic self.  There will be some major changes though…no more unsupervised playing with toys because he thinks he needs to EAT […]